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In Pool Services Doral, we’re a family owned pool services company based in Miami Dade County, Florida. We take care of the care, cleaning and maintenance of our customers’ swimming pools with the most sincere effort and care, we have been constantly trained to present our best results, we are licensed and certified in CPO. 

Try our services, they include:

+ Pool Cleaning

+ Weekly Pool Service

+ Cleaning Pump System

+ Premium Chemical Balance

+ Pool Maintenance

+ Vacumming and Brushing

+ Certified Pool Repairs

+ Pool Heaters & Heat Pumps

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At Pool Service Doral, we are a family business where we meet the expectations of all our customers. We insure our services to homes, condominiums, and commercial buildings throughout Doral, Florida.

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No matter how easy or difficult it may seem to recover your pool at Pool Service Doral we are ready to make you enjoy your pool as if it were the first time. As a Florida Certified Contractor we know every aspect of swimming pools, check it out today, schedule your service visit.

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